Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's in the Workbox

This is my 2nd grader's Read Aloud workbox for this week. Every thing I read aloud to him, and my K'er, goes into one bin with this week's Core Instructor's Guide page. If I felt I needed the guide pages for the books I would add them to the bin as well, but since this is only Core 1 and I've done this Core before I didn't bother with the guides.

This is my K'er's Math workbox for the day. He wants to do lots of pages in Singapore Earlybird book A each day, but he isn't really getting the concepts fully. So, as needed, I am making up additional hands-on Math for him. Today he has to count out the amount of beads written on each Post-It note. Not exactly related, but I used green Post-Its because his color is green. Yes, I do color code my kids.

This is a tea party in a bin for my preschooler. Her workboxes are all about keeping her occupied and happy while I work with my school aged children. Well, tea parties make her very happy indeed and I can't think of a single other activity that will keep her busy for more time. This is all she needs for herself and her two pandas, because (at least according to her) pandas like tea parties too.

This is my 6th grader's last pocket in her workfolder for today. She is working on a quilted notebook cover. We are both loving how using this version of the workbox system is getting her to more electives more regularly.


Dusti said...

Great pictures. I love that your little one is having a tea party with pandas. I can see my four year old doing that. :)
I'm wondering...Do your kids enjoy the workbox system?
My kids like our schedule ok but the workbox seems like a more hands on approach which may work better-I'm thinking about it for us.

Robin E. said...

Do my kids enjoy workboxes? Well, I wouldn't say they jump for joy over them, but they don't dislike them. They like that they easily see what they have to do to be done for the day, and they like to see the pile of bins getting smaller and smaller. Plus, part of the fun of workboxes is mixing in a couple "fun" things into the day, and they definitely look forward to those. Overall, they have been a positive thing in our homeschool. I do recommend them.