Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What did YOU do this morning?

So, what did you do this morning? Me? I did this.

I collected pond water, placed it into four jars along with various "foods", and then stashed them away in a warm, dark cupboard (and we picked cattails too, just 'cause cattails are fun). Two weeks from now we'll take the jars out and see what kind of microorganism zoo we have grown. Oh, I soooo wish I had one of those cool microscope digital camera attachments, because this is going to be fun! I love homeschooling :D.


dolphin lady said...

We are going to be doing this in a few weeks!! Doing Apologia Biology with a group this year at my house! Looking forward to the fun!

Angela said...

I wish you had one of those digital microscope cameras too. Sounds like an interesting project!