Saturday, August 7, 2010

Note to Self: School Guilt

Note to self: Weigh all the facts before allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with lack of success of last school year.

As I have mentioned here before, we bought our own home late last spring and moved in at the end of May. Last week my husband finally got the book shelves set up (look for photos in a post next week), so I spent most of yesterday unpacking boxes of books and organizing school stuff onto the shelves. As I emptied boxes I sorted out the books that we should have done last year but due to this, that, and the other we never got around to reading. The left pile is what the older kids didn't get to, and the right is the younger kids. Pretty depressing stacks, huh? I was feeling rather low looking at them.

However, as I continued unpacking books and arranging shelves, I noticed the pile of books we did read last year was growing steadily. Sure, there were a number of good, worthwhile books that my kids missed out on. Books that I had spent money on; book that are gathering dust. But look at the pile of books we did read last year. Hmmm, nothing bad to feel about looking at these stacks ;o).

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Luke said...

Great reminder: That's way more books than we read in my AP English class in high school. I'm guessing you're doing okay [smile].

And it's not like you'll never be able to read the books you "missed" at some other point!

Keep up the good work, and may this coming year go more smoothly.