Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Making stuff from Pinterest: 2nd week of July

I did make a couple things from Pinterest last week; I just haven't gotten around to posting about them.

First I tried upcycling milk jugs into storage containers from this pin that I pinned over a year ago. The blog links to Spoonful's instructions (formally Family Fun), but I found those to be a bit vague so I googled better instructions and found a nice mommy blog that I totally can't find now. Sorry.

The left is the blog's photo. The right is my attempt. Honestly, mine looks quite a bit like the tutorial's, but up close in real life it's just not as an impressive idea as it looks on my laptop screen. I ended up throwing the three I made into the recycle bin and tossed the other milk jugs I had been saving into there as well.

This isn't really a Pinstrosity, as it turned out just like the tutorial showed, but it's not a Pin Win either as I didn't want to use them after I made them. So, yet another Pin Meh for me. Sigh.

The second pin I did was only on my Pin Board for a couple weeks, but when my youngest daughter pulled out the color bucket, a handled bin that we throw all our loose crayons, markers, and colored pencils into, I just started the project on the spur of the moment. All those broken crayons in the bucket just screamed at me to turn the kids loose making crayon candles.

I made two changes from the blog's instructions. The first was using a birthday candle for the wick (I got that idea from the comments of the blog). I found it best to wait until after the crayons were all melted (only a couple of hours in our 108°F heat this time of year) and then gently push the birthday candle into the center. The other change is that I cut up some Scentsy scents to mix in with the broken crayons to give the candles a nice smell. I've broken two Scentsy warmers now but still have a few of the scents left. At least this way they get some use. 

The results were great. Definitely a Pin Win for this one. I love the mix of colors, especially my 10 year old's who chose to use only oranges and yellows. My 6 year old's, the red/blue/pink/green one, smells like dessert, however, as she chose Scentsy Peach scent and used a lot of it.

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