Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Things: Binder Placeholder Thingies

This is another "Little Things" post to show people a handy binder tool I use for school but I don't know what they are called or even if they can be bought.

Quite a few years ago I was working the Sonlight booth at the Arizona Families for Home Education convention in Phoenix with a former Sonlight consultant, Colleen. She had these plastic things that pop easily in and out of binders and stick out the top to mark your place, but they had the wrong contact information on them so she couldn't give them away to just anyone coming into the booth. So, she let me take as many of them as I want. I took 6 or 7, and honestly I have wished more than once over the years that I had taken more. They are soooo handy for marking your place in a binder. Last year I even took one of the binder labels for the Cores we were using and marked the top of the tabby thing so that I even more quickly flip to Core C or Core 100 in my working binder (I keep about 4 weeks worth of each IG, along with a few other things, in my 1" binder).

You'll see on the right photo that I have Post-It Notes on the backside of the tabby thing and that the Post-Its have been printed on. This page has templates for printing on a couple of different sized Post-Its, and it works quite well. I prefer to print any notes I will be using over a longer period than just once or twice.

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