Saturday, July 6, 2013

Doing, Not just Pinning: 1st Week of July

Last week I posted about my goal to make something I have pinned each week of this summer. Last week it was a set of washable Swiffer clothes. Well, I'm happy to say I'm two for two in getting something done, although this week was a close one.

I pinned this tutorial for making a composition book cover some 9 months ago or so. I even bought some nice red fat quarters and muslin to make it with around that time too. This week I finally got around to doing it. 

Journal Covers Tutorial

My Cover

I didn't follow the tutorial exactly, mostly because I seem completely unable to follow any instructions exactly, but also because I wanted to do some quilting on mine so I needed to add some thin batting and a backing. So my finished cover isn't as thin, but I love it none the less.

I use a composition book for church, writing in prayer requests that people make plus some sermon notes and scripture references. I struggle to remember what I hear, and there are times that if I don't write a scripture reference down I won't remember it long enough to actually turn to it. Yeah, you read that right. I can forget what I heard in less time than it takes me to flip to the right book of the Bible. Hey, we all have our weaknesses.

Since this was a cover for something I use at church, I wanted a cross on the front cover. I googled "cross quilt pattern" and while I found a few things, this one caught my eye. I love the wonky, not perfectness of the crosses, because "wonky, not prefect" is probably an adequate description of myself. Carla's tutorial takes all the guess work out of the block too.

Here are some more shots of my cover. I wanted the larger cross on the front, but more quilty look for the back. Stay tuned for next week's project.

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