Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sonlight Rocks!!!

I've already posted about how we love Sonlight curriculum, have been using it for years, and will continue to use it for years to come. Honestly, it's all about all those wonderful books sitting on my shelf just waiting for us each year.

This is just approximately the first third of the books we will be reading this year.

Anyway, Sonlight has announced that they will give a $5 dollars off to anyone placing their first order ($50 or more) if they are referred by a current Sonlight customer. Basically, you get $5 off because I told you to check Sonlight out. How cool is that? What do I get out of this arrangement? Well, there is some sort of points system that I don't understand, but I think I get a discount somewhere down the road if I get enough points. It doesn't matter really, because I'd be telling you about Sonlight anyway, as anyone that has talked to me in person or online about curriculum could attest to.

So, check Sonlight out. My customer referral ID is RW20055206, or just click this link to visit Sonlight's website.
Sonlight Curriculum


Luke said...

Robin, as you already probably know: I absolutely love the new Rewards program! I love when people can save money (both you and your friends [smile]), and may you and your friends find joy as you use Sonlight!


Christin said...

Hi Robin! What an excellent question. I have never tried using this book before, BUT, I did find this site http://www.redshift.com/~bonajo/dwclp.htm
which breaks the lessons down further, and in more manageable pieces. So, I am going to follow that and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, I will just read the entire book again, figure it out for myself and teach it the way I see fit. There's always next year, right?! :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Christin said...

Sorry, guess I should specify which book! Drawing with Children. :)

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I am excited to get started on becoming a Sonlighter. This will be my first year. Sorry I could not use you for a reference though :( We purchased our first core about 2 months ago. I wanted to give myself penty of time to go over the IG and really dig into it. School for us starts in about 2 weeks. I just can't wait! I so hope my kids enjoy it!