Monday, April 27, 2009

I present a more "together" image than reality

I was complimented again on how I homeschool. It comes up every now and then that someone on the Sonlight forums or our local homeschool group or somewhere will tell me, or tell someone else within my hearing or where I will read it, that they admire how I homeschool, or that I do it so well, or my kids are so bright and learning so much, or they wish they could start over and homeschool the way I do it, or something to that effect. Such statements almost make my skin crawl. To all of you that have admired me I offer this photo of my living room as it looks right now.
Imagine me in the gold chair way back in the corner typing away on that laptop, and imagine a kid or three reading a book, emptying my purse, or playing on the patio. That is what my oh, so admirable homeschool looks like today. Thankfully it doesn't always look this way, or even usually. Still, it looks this way often enough for me to cringe at any statements about how organized or altogether I have things.


Luke said...

It's always so nice to see glimpses of lives that are much like our own. Thanks for the visual reminder that it's okay that we don't have it all together [smile].


Julie Sanchez said...

Did you sneak over to my house and take a picture of my living room?!? Goodness! I'm going to have to remember to keep the blinds closed. : )

Desiree said...

LOVE IT! People are always complimenting me, and I am thinking, "If you only knew...." It's kind of irritating because deception is one thing I really hate.