Friday, August 16, 2013

My Craft Drawer

Earlier this week I posted photos of my very messy craft drawer, so my pride requires that I show what the drawer looks like after I spent the week (in spare moments) organizing it.

Messy Drawer

Neat Drawer

I love art and craft supplies, and I invest in some really nice ones too. But after a year of use, the drawer ended up looking like the upper photo and nothing could be found. If you can't find it, you can't use it. Then last month a friend whose only child is now a teen gave me a big box over flowing with more craft supplies, really cool ones too like air-dry ceramic clay powder. It was past time for a craft drawer extreme make-over.

By the way, how do you like my "ode to the pantry" organization system? ;D

Since I was going through the trouble of organizing the whole drawer, I took the bit of extra time to write down everything I have as well. That drawer looks full enough, but look at this list.
     glue sticks
     Modge Podge
     repositionable glue sticks
     white glue
beads, pony multiple colors
bead craft kit, triceratops (x1)
beads, wooden bag multiple sizes and colors
brads, mini multicolored 100 ct (x2)
cardboard, stiff 4 pieces 12x9 in & 3 pieces 7 in square
CDs (x12)
ceramic plaster clay, add water (x2 buckets)
chalk pastels (few loose pieces)
container, flat w/ flip lid
cork, thin with adhesive backing
Draw Today drawing curriculum, w/ extra supplies
Easter felt craft kit (x3)
feathers, few in bright colors
fixative, spray
glassy jar, 8 oz w/ lid
     tube mix red & black slivers
     tube purple
glitter glue, gold
glycerin soap
hole punches:
     3 hole
     circle, mini
     circle, standard
ink, for block printing, black (tube and tub)
lacing, black ~1.5 yards
markers, numerous colors, both washable and not
modeling clay (5 colors)
mosaic, paper, jewel tones
Nativity felt craft kit (x1, Belle's half finished project)
oil pastels (25ct & 50ct)
     3D "fabric writer" black paint (x3)
     craft paint, numerous colors
     powdered paint (red, blue, & yellow)
     water based crayola paint (10 ct)
     water colors, liquid (red, yellow, blue, green, purple, & black)
paint brushes, numerous sizes
paint palettes
panty hose, grey (x2)
pipe cleaners, black and metallic green
Sculpley clay, small amount neutral colors
sequins, bag of blue small
sequins, mix bag of mixed sliver rounds & gold stars
sequins, bag of large multicolored flowers
sequins, bag of large multicolored snowflakes
Sharpies, many colors, both fine and ultra fine
stamp pad, purple
stamp pad refill ink (red & black)
tacks, flat multicolored
water color crayons (12ct)
wire, thin silver

I think we need to get crafting!

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