Monday, August 6, 2012

Curriculum Week - Short Answer

Not Back to School Blog Hop
It's that time of year again. It's the NOT Back to School Blog Hop. I have so much fun with this every August, posting what I'm doing and reading what everyone else is up to. What a great way to get motivated to ramp up our homeschool year!

I'm officially homeschooling 5 kids this year, grades 10, 8, 4, 2, and Kinder. Considering each kid is using an average of 10 or so different curriculum items... Well, do you all really want to see the whole list of 50+ items? Yeah, I thought not.

So, here's the short answer. We are Sonlighters.
Sonlight Curriculum

This fall will be 10 years since we started using Sonlight curriculum, and while everything we use doesn't come from the Sonlight catalog, it does form the core of our homeschool. This year my 10th grader is using Core 100, my 8th grader is using Core H, my 4th and 2nd graders are using Core C, and my K'er is using Core P4/5

Notable non-Sonlight things we are using this year include Life of Fred for Geometry and Pre-Algebra, All About Reading level pre-1 (my review of it) and level 1, and Brave Writer's Help for High School, The Writer's Jungle, and Jot It Down.

If you want the long answer, the detailed list of what I'm using for each subject for each grade, check out this post.

Stay tuned for next week. I now have my dream homeschool room and I'll have great photos to share!

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Luke said...

Thank you--and congratulations!--for a decade of Sonlight [smile]. May this year be your best yet!