Friday, March 26, 2010

Some changes around here

I have been less than regular in my posting to this blog, I am sorry to say. I want to change that, and one way I have heard is to do certain types of posts on certain days of the week.

So, to start I am going to post "Sunday Hymns", every Sunday, showcasing some good old fashion hymn that speaks to me. I'll keep it short too, focusing on just one verse, usually not the first verse either. Too often, in this get-r-done age, we are familiar with just the first verse of these old spiritually rich songs and that is our loss. So, look for my first Sunday Hymn post early this coming Sunday. I already have it ready to go.

Next will be "Make-It Monday". Not necessarily things for you to make, although I'm sure I'll do that at times, but it will be at minimum things that I have made. This is beneficial to me in three ways. First, it's another weekly topic I think I can go on and on about for years without running out of ideas. Second, making stuff is usually an interesting blog topic, at least I enjoy reading blogs about people making stuff. And third, having a "Make-It Monday" will encourage me to craft, cook, sew,scrapbook, paint, or whatever more often.

Then it will be "Wednesday Websites" when I'll write a post on some website or blog that I find cool, helpful, or just interesting. Hey, I love finding new things online and suspect that you all do too. I think I can share weekly for a good long while without boring you. We'll see.

Lastly, I want to do at least one journaling type post per week. I can't guarantee which day it will show up on, but no later than Saturday, although it could be late Saturday. This is what I planned to do all the time on this blog, but it just hasn't happened. We'll see how it works this time.

Oh, and I'll be giving the blog a little visual make-over too. Look for it, but I'm not sure of the exact day that will happen yet.

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