Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love words.

There, I just added a "gadget" to my blog, the "Match Up" vocabulary game you see to the right. My favorite online dictionary (yes, I HAVE a favorite one), The Free Dictionary, has a new one of these and other games and interesting articles on their homepage everyday. Does the fact that I play a vocabulary game almost confirm my geek status or what?


joyful said...

love the gadget!!! Now my only thought is how do I get it on my blog??? I'm not very computer savy.

Robin E. said...

Here is how I did it on Blogger. It may .
This is the link for the gadget.

At the top of your blog click "Customize". Then on the right of that page click "Add a Gadget". You'll get a pop up window; choose the "Add your own link" on the bottom of the left. In the spot put in the above link and click "add by URL". You'll have to change the height to 250 px, and then hit "save".

That will take you back to the customize page and then you will see a rectangle that says "Match Up". Click and drag it up or down to where you want it to be in relation to the other things on your blog, and you are done.